KLST Thurs. 08/14/14 Noon Weather

- Today is the same story, second verse, louder and worse if you know the summer camp song. Temperatures again creeping closer to the triple digits, and with 99 yesterday, we could very well see it today. Overnight lows warming as well, dropping to the upper 60's under mostly clear skies. High pressure remains the dominate feature with temperatures peaking just in time for the weekend. As this features pushes west we're also watching for small bits of energy to move around and try to push through the north. The central plains and big country may actually get a chance for showers, but the Concho Valley looks to get the short end of the stick. Hot and dry will be the key phrases, Saturday expecting 102, 100 for Sunday and maybe some cooler temps for Monday near 99 for Monday and Tuesday.

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