KLST Fri. 08/08/14 Noon Weather


Triple digit tracker now up to 12 days for San Angelo and the Concho Valley with today again mostly likely to be number 13. To put things into perspective this time in 2011 San Angelo has already seen 72 triple digit days. Expecting 102 for this afternoon with mostly sunny skies and breezy winds out of the south. Into the evening lows will only drop to the mild low to mid 70's with partly cloudy skies once again, but does kick off a cooler trend. The high pressure that has brought all the heat is starting to weaken allowing for highs through the weekend to slowly drop to near 100 Saturday and 99 for Sunday. These changes are also ahead of a weak cold front that could impact the next work week. It won't be a strong one, but enough to drop conditions to around 98/97 degrees and also showing some signs of a summer thunderstorm. Holding off on rain chances until it gets closer into the forecast.

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