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KLST Wed. 11/06/13 Noon Weather

Afternoon weather forecast for Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Cold front has pushed through the northern part of the Concho Valley and continues southward. Cooler air behind the front will bring chilly temps early this morning back to the mid 40's and struggling to warm up to the mid 60's this afternoon. Not only is the air cold by dry as well, thus ending the chances for showers through the rest of the day. Possible showers persist to the south through this morning until the front moves past the I-10 corridor. Overnight winds will decrease and skies will clear giving us perfect conditions to finally say it's cold. Lows will drop to the mid 30's with some low lying areas possibly seeing the freezing mark giving a chance for frost. As we make our way through the rest of the week high pressure along the surface will move in bringing a slow warmer trend and winds back to the southeast. Temperatures will reach near 68 degrees on Thursday becoming slightly cooler on friday at 64. By Sunday, sunny skies will bring temps back to the mid 70's nearly seasonal for this time of year and stick around through the rest of the extended forecast including Veteran's Day.

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