Got a Virus? Treat it with TLC

I was on call this week and I think I saw "a million" kids with colds!

Everyone, from 3 months – 20 years, seemed to have runny/congested noses and coughs.  Interspersed with all of these colds were a lot of wheezing kids too, as these winter viral upper respiratory infections will trigger a lot of wheezing in very young children or those with asthma. Thankfully, none of them were "very" sick.

We have all been fortunate this year as most of the country is not seeing much flu, and I have my fingers crossed that this trend will continue!  Flu will usually make children (as well as adults) much sicker than these upper respiratory viruses.

Parent after parent kept asking me, "what is causing all of this?" " If not flu, then what?"  Well, I can tell you that we are seeing RSV, rhinoviruses, para-influenza virus and metapneumovirus, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, there is not "a magic treatment" to cure these viral infections. With that being said, the treatment is entirely symptomatic. In other words, treat the symptoms with fluids, fever reducing meds if needed, rest, cool mist humidifiers, hot steamy showers, chicken noodle soup, and anything else that makes the symptoms seem to improve. (I am currently into ginger tea for my sore throat.)

So, after explaining viral infections and treatments, I often end the discussion with, "your child just needs some TLC".  Well, I know I have said before that many of my "young" parents were not quite clear what TLC stood for. But this weekend I really had to laugh!

As I explained colds and symptomatic treatment to a mother with a 2 year old I told her to try a little TLC.  She looked at me slightly puzzled and said, "I have to go to THE LEARNING CHANNEL to find out what to do for this cold?"  "Do they have shows about treating colds?"

Just another reminder that not everyone knows the same acronyms! I just laughed (LOL) and told her that I meant Tender Loving Care and that she did not have to search her TV guide for treatment of colds!

I'm on call again next weekend, so be prepared for a few more funny stories as I tend to get a bit slap happy after being sleep deprived.

That's your daily dose for today.  We'll chat again tomorrow.

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