Yoga For Love and Hope

Yoga For Love and Hope

Yoga for Love and Hope is a benefit yoga workshop. All donations will go to the NewBridge Family Shelter.
NATURAL SOUND:  "Inhale, as you exhale gently release, pass through child's pose"

Breathing. In yoga, it's just as important as the poses, and serves a greater purpose. Kim Jameson is co-hosting a donation based yoga event to serve a greater purpose. Helping those in need at the NewBridge Family Shelter.

KIM JAMESON: "I just wanted to do something that helps families and children and stuff, you know anyone that needs a little bit of help, needs a little love and hope."

Her inspiration for the idea came from one of her teacher's during her yoga training. She elected to do a passion project using yoga to be of service to those in need. The NewBridge Family Shelter can't operate on state funding alone, they rely on donations.

SARAH TINER: "Due to the recent cold front, we have seen that there's a need to get area rugs for all of the rooms and we have linoleum floors so the rooms get very cold so we want to make sure our clients stay warm in the winter so we need to get rugs."

Kim's suggested donation is twenty dollars. The shelter is grateful for this event because it will help to supply them with area rugs.

TINER: "Once the staff was notified that this event would benefit us, we were ecstatic."

The more people that attend Yoga For Love and Hope, the greater the benefit for the shelter.

JAMESON: "I want people to come and experience a yoga class, and also helping the community meeting people who have similar interests and like-minded people in San Angelo I think is awesome."

SARAH PILLA: "If you wish to give back to the community while helping your own mind, body, and spirit, come to Yoga For Love and Hope at Patio at the Gables November 16th. Reporting from the Cactus Hotel, I'm Sarah Pilla, Namaste."

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