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Year in Review: City of San Angelo Construction

The increase in area oil production in the Concho Valley and water were major issues in 2013. Michelle Kingston took a look back at some of the top San Angelo news stories that made headlines this year.
From under ground to above the clouds, San Angelo has been under construction in 2013.

The 62.5 mile long Hickory Pipeline was completed over the summer after a year of construction. It cannot go online, however, until its treatment plant, located at East Avenue K and Metcalfe, is ready -- that's expected in the Fall of 2014. The pipeline will bring anywhere from six to nine gallons of water to the city.

Water was celebrated in October with San Angelo's very first River Fest. The event was held to showcase the Concho River improvements and for the 100th anniversary of Santa Fe Park. About 3,000 people ran in the Color Up 5K, others played games along the water and danced at concerts.

Residents gathered at River Fest, but many people from out of town enjoyed the activities as well. With more people coming from outside San Angelo to activities here, the city has realized the need for new hotels. Six new hotels went under construction in San Angelo in 2013 and at least two more permits are expected. San Angelo's hotel occupancy tax is currently at 77-percent, the highest in west Texas.

While there are many ways to travel to San Angelo, tourists who fly here will see new renovations at the airport next year. The $5.9 million project underway will make room for 125,000 people. The only airline at the airport, American Eagle, added an extra flight this year due to the 3-percent increase in flights in 2013.

The increase has a lot to do with the oil boom in town. The energy sector has brought more people and business to San Angelo, bringing changes to the city that some residents favor and others do not.
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