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Woofers & Tweeters

Woofers & Tweeters is currently closed, but is anticipating reopening by the holidays.
Known as,  "the bar that makes you a star" San Angelo's karaoke bar Woofers & Tweeters is currently closed after nearly nine years in business. On March 30 of the year a customer at the bar was over served by a former Woofers & Tweeters employee. After the customer left it was soon discovered that the customer had been in a fatal accident. Now after over 40 years in the business bar owner Jerry Inskeep is shutting down both locations of Woofers & Tweeters in San Angelo and Midland. Following the incident Inskeep says he pulled all advertising because he felt it improper after a tragedy. Investigations followed by the TABC which Inskeep says he cooperated with and the TABC allowed him to remain open until he found a buyer for the business. Kassidy Tanner, Woofers & Tweeters new owner, plans on keeping the everything same except for a few renovations. Tanner says she plans on incorporating extra TABC training for bartenders and is looking to leasing a taxi cab company to make sure customers have a safe ride home. Woofers & Tweeters will operate under the same name and customers should expect to enjoy the same atmosphere they were used to. Once the bar anticipates reopening by the holidays once receiving their new liquor license.
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