Winter Weather Awareness Day - Travel Safety

Winter Weather Awareness Day - Travel Safety

Its winter weather awareness day in the Concho Valley and the record breaking temperatures this morning is a reminder to always be prepared --- especially while traveling this holiday season. Meteorologist Jeremy Linder has more on what steps to take before heading out.
Winter Weather Awareness Day - Travel Safety
By: Jeremy Linder

Clothes, check.  Food, check. Weather forecast, did you remember to look that up? The 2013 holiday season is upon us and that means the time of year for road trips. And with the recent record breaking lows, a reminder to be prepared for winter weather.

 "Just be safe, be aware of the conditions stay informed, that's the key while your traveling," says Tom Green County Emergency Management Coordinator Teresa Covey.

 Wednesday November 13th is winter weather awareness day in the Concho Valley, stressing the importance of a good action plan.  Experts say the best place to start is an emergency kit.

 "Believe it or not, most of what you'll need is at home.  It's just a matter of getting everything together, finding some type of receptacle container to put it in and you kind of add to it as time progresses."

 Items to pack include a first aid kit, batteries and water. It’s also a good idea to look over the car itself.  Checking the engine, tire pressure and head lights.

 "Make sure it's winterized, check your antifreeze your heating system.  It’s a good idea to have it looked over by your mechanic," adds National Weather Service Warning and Coordination Meteorologist Hector Guerrero.

 But the most important --- check the forecast and road conditions before heading out.  Both are available through the TxDOT website  And when on the road, drive based on the conditions your in.

 "With winter season comes more intense of fog, ice whatever bad weather it is, it's very important to drive the conditions of the road way.  we know the speed limit  might say 75mph but if you have a little ice on the road it's probably not a good idea to travel that fast.  20mph could get you to your destination."

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