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Winter Water Restrictions Begin Nov. 1

Winter watering restrictions go into effect on Friday. Outside watering will be limited to once every 14 days. Michelle Kingston reports.
Beginning Friday, winter watering restrictions will go into effect.

Because San Angelo is in drought level two, with just 15 months of water left, the city's drought contingency ordinance says watering must be limited to once every 14 days.

Water is also limited to no more than one inch per application.

"You don't need as much water during winter," Water Conservation Manager Toni Fox said. "A lot of the grass and things have gone dormant or are on the process of going dormant so things don't need near as much water in the winter time as they do during the spring and summer."

In drought level three, all outdoor watering would have to stop.

"Once we get to 12 months or less we'll end up going into drought level three, which would stop all landscape watering so it's really important now to make sure more and more that we reserve and conserve our water as much as we can and hope this winter brings us a lot of rain," Fox said.

Fox says no matter what drought stage we're in, it's important to conserve. She recommends fixing leaky faucets and turning sprinklers off if rain is expected.

"Check your sprinkler system," Fox said. "Make sure there are no leaks, no breaks, that they are not spraying in the street, that they are spraying on the grass or the shrub where you want them to spray. That's the number one thing because that is the number one water user when you are using it." 

If residents do not comply with the ordinance, they run the risk of being fined.
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