West Texas Water Partnership: Key Item on Tuesday's City Council Agenda

West Texas Water Partnership: Key Item on Tuesday's City Council Agenda

The agreement between the cities involved in the West Texas Water Partnership will be reviewed Tuesday during city council after council-member Charlotte Farmer discovered the city has been spending more than the previous council approved back in 2011.
The West Texas Water Partnership is an agenda item set for city council's meeting on Tuesday after city council-member Charlotte Farmer discovered San Angelo has paid almost double what the council approved to go toward identifying future water sources .

"When we approved it, it was with the stipulation that the revised contract be brought back to us," Farmer said. "But in the motion, in the approval, and in the conversation, it was always up to, not to exceed, $100,000."

The city has put $185,000 toward the partnership San Angelo shares with Midland and Abilene to search for ways to bring water to our cities -- and has another $63,000 bill waiting to be paid.

"We did authorize $100,000 and we have spent more than that," Mayor Dwain Morrison said. "How did it happen? It should not have happened. And we have safeguards in place now that it will not happen again."

City Manager Daniel Valenzuela says it is critical San Angelo continues with the partnership to look for ways to bring water to the city.

"Can we not afford to be a part of this partnership?" he asked. "When we start looking at the long term needs of our community. I know that I mentioned a while ago that we definitely want to answer not just the needs right now for the long-term for our kids, for our grandchildren, to make sure that we have done everything as community leaders to address that."

The city council will meet at the McNease Convention Center at 9 a.m. Tuesday to discuss whether to pay the next invoice, which would bring the amount the city has spent on the partnership to close to $250,000.
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