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Water Lily Festival

The eighth annual Water Lily Festival was held Saturday featuring unique flowers from around the world.
San Angelo residents enjoyed the eighth annual Water Lily Festival today featuring spectacular and unique lilies from around the world. The annual lily fest was held featuring 365 different kinds of water lilies. All the flowers are created by hybridization and are one of kind to the San Angelo area. When new flowers are created the lilies are named. It is a legal process complete with documentation making it forever known all over the world by the name it received. The flower dedication comes with great honors as creator Kenneth Landon along with the members of the board select a recipient to whom the new water lily is named after. This year that honor fell upon KLST's own Pat Attebery. Many new hybrids are created each year and with the installment of the water lilies new mister system the park is more comfortable to visit all year round.  Six other members of the community were honored with a lily at the festival; Scott Joslove, Cheyenne Duncan, Robert Sterling Price, Arianna McLaughlin, Alex Davila and James Rogers.

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