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Wall Hawk Day

The City of San Angelo has declared Thursday, December 19th, to be Wall Hawk Day. Recently, the Wall High School football team defeated the New Boston football. Click here to read more.
The City of San Angelo is honoring Wall High School on its recent win this Thursday, December 19, 2013.

In honor of the win against the New Boston Lions, Thursday is being named 'Wall Hawk Day'.

San Angelo Mayor Dwain Morrison made the announcement Tuesday morning to a room full of football players, cheerleaders, and proud parents.

Morrison is encouraging everyone in the Concho Valley area to wear green and white this Thursday in support of the hometown team.

The Hawks are scheduled to play the Cameron Yoe Yeomen in Dallas this Thursday as well.

A special pep rally will be held tomorrow to encourage the football players in their big game. Classes have already been canceled Thursday and Friday so more people can attend the game.
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