Veribest ISD looking to update schools with $5.9 million bond

Veribest ISD looking to update schools with $5.9 million bond

Veribest Independent School District is overcapacity, forcing some students to learn in portable classrooms. A proposed bond is expected to fix these issues. Michelle Kingston reports.
Cracked walls, leaky roofs and a small, dated library are just some of the reasons why Veribest ISD Board of Trustees is looking for a $5.9 million bond to renovate its schools.

The plan is to put all students under one roof by demolishing a portion of the elementary school -- which was built in 1927 -- and construct a new addition leading into the secondary school.

The bond will also pay for a computer and science lab, an art room, a stage and an update to its elementary school gym.

The board says it will increase student safety and allow for future growth.

"It's a big tax increase for this population and I believe everybody needs to know so they can make an informed decision," Randy Davidson, a Veribest resident, said.

David attended the first of many meetings Veribest ISD will hold before the bond election on November 5.

"If Veribest passes this bond and taxes increase by 35 cents, it will put us in the top 2-percent of all Texas districts as far as school district taxation," he said.

It's estimated that taxes on a $100,000 home will increase $29.17 a month if the bond is approved.

"If the bond doesn't pass, we will continue to do the best job we can with educating our students in the facilities we have and do a reevaluation to determine where we need to address our needs," Superintendent of Veribest Schools Bobby Fryar said.
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