TimeClock Plus Celebrates 25 Years

TimeClock Plus Celebrates 25 Years

San Angelo based TimeClock Plus is celebrating 25 years. Two people started the company in 1988. Today, they have nearly 100 employees.
TimeClock Plus celebrated its 25th anniversary on Thursday with a catered lunch -- remembering how the company started, way back when in 1988.

"I think it's great that they're celebrating this milestone -- 25 years -- that they're continuing to grow and that they've invited community leaders as well as their employees and families in," President of San Angelo's Chamber of Commerce Phil Neighbors said.

The software company automates timekeeping processes for businesses worldwide -- including Harley Davidson and Dial Soap. They manufacture and deliver over 3,500 systems a year -- right from San Angelo.

"We work together, we work as a team and everyday offers new challenges and new opportunities," said Scott Turner, Vice President of Marketing for TimeClock Plus.

TimeClock Plus is the second oldest time and attendance company in the nation -- but continues to stay up to date with the latest technology the entire way.

"We have the mobile applications, we have IVR, which is voice recognition systems for telephone, clock in and out, we have biometric solutions, whether they are hand scanners or fingerprint readers," Turner said.

Turner says hiring great, tech-savvy employees is why they continue to grow and succeed as a business each year.

"We have a lot of blessings here and we don't take it for granted," he said. "We know it's something you have to work hard at everyday and we have a really good team that does that."

Turner says they've been celebrating this milestone all week, dressing up as cowboys on Tuesday and as nerds on Wednesday. When I asked him if the company would take Friday off, his response is what you'd expect from a thriving business.

"No, we have work to do," he said. "But, we have great people to work with, many of us wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
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