Three-Hour Hostage Situation Resolved

Three-Hour Hostage Situation Resolved

On the 3200 block of Guadalope street an alleged three-hour hostage situation has just ended with police detaining the suspect just a short time ago.

A suspect accused of holding several people inside a a house on Guadalupe street voluntarily walked out of his home and into police custody just after 4 PM Friday afternoon.

San Angelo police received a 911 call for a robbery at the home on the 32-hundred block of Guadalupe around 1 pm.  The call eventually turned into a standoff between a man who police say locked himself inside the house and officers outside.

Dallas Salyerds lives next door to where the incident took place.

"I just came out and saw all these police cars and all these policeman in my yard across the street, squad cars," Salyerds said.

Several swat team members arrived at the home and were expected to move in but after about three hours the man came out of the home and was taken into custody without incident.

A second person was also taken into police custody, her identity has not yet been released.

Marcus Officer, KLST News.

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