Target shoppers won't let hack ruin holiday spirit

Target shoppers won't let hack ruin holiday spirit

Dozens of customers here in San Angelo aren't letting the Scrooge-like hack ruin their holiday spirit. While local financial institutions are working hard to restore monies and protect information for those already hacked.
Although 40 million accounts have been affected nationwide by the Target hack, dozens of customers here in San Angelo aren't letting the Scrooge-like hack ruin their holiday spirit.

One customer purchased Christmas sweaters, toys, and gifts for family members before the hack. Friday, a KLST/KSAN reporter saw her leaving Target again.

While resident Cindy Hoefs did not buy anything December 20th, she is not concerned about the hack.

"Maybe I should be concerned, but I'm not," stated Hoefs.

Hoefs is more focused on completing her Christmas shopping and being ready for Christmas Day.

"I mean, I shopped here before Thanksgiving and I shopped here last night," Hoefs shrugged.

In the meantime, San Angelo law enforcement can easily explain the hacker's timetable.

"More and more people shop around the holiday season. Hackers are trying to hit the maximum amount of people," said Officer Upton.

San Angelo Federal Credit Union is one of many financial institutions working with its customers to protect their identities. While the holiday season is here, representative Laura Whisenhunt made clear the credit union is already working with Mastercard and other entities to restore funds to affected customers.

"We're receiving a lot of calls from concerned customers. ...(We will) work with you," explained San Angelo Federal Credit Union representative, Laura Whisenhunt.

In the meantime, many impacted customers have already received an email from Target explaining the situation. One of our producers got a letter saying her information has been stolen. While she prefers to stay anonymous, the letter informs her of the hack and explains what happened.

Target took to Twitter today to answer questions from one of our reporters.

"Guests in any stores in the U.S. may have been impacted by the security breech," tweeted Target.

Local store leader Susan Westall is not allowed to go on camera at this time. However, she was able to answer some additional information over the phone.

"We don't know yet if (San Angelo) Target store was affected. But, I do have a new number Target released for those (who have been) hacked," Westall said.

The number Westall provided is 866.852.8680.

If your identity has been stolen and you would like to talk to our reporter, contact Stephanie Garland at

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