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Soup kitchen feeds dozens Christmas

A local soup kitchen put together a special celebration for those in need Christmas. Read more here.
A local soup kitchen put together a special celebration for those in need filled with presents, worship, and Christmas cheer.

"We're providing Christmas lunch at the Wesley United Church soup kitchen. I've done this (for) over 20 years now," explained chief volunteer, J.D. Gould.

Goud and his group, Cooking for Christ, work in harmony with the Wesley United Methodist Church. The church hosts a gathering everyday called 'Wesley Trinity Daily Bread Lunch Program' at its building. But, Christmas Day, Cooking for Christ volunteers step in and make it all possible.

"I think that's helping, not only the people on the street who are having a hard time, but it also helps the people get through on Christmas when it might not be a great day," stated Gould.

Lisa Conklin has been volunteering for 2.5 years at the Wesley United Methodist Church's soup kitchen. She believes the kitchen kept her going at a hard time in her life.

"Two years ago, I lost my mother and my grandmother six weeks of each other and came upon this place. When I was feeling my lowest, God sent me here. ...They've just been a blessing to me. They really have," said Conklin.

With the buses and public transportation shut down, over 160 people walked or piled in cars to get help at the soup kitchen. For many, this was the highlight of their day.

"I came here to eat with my family here. I'm enjoying myself here with my family, the kids, and everybody else here," Armando Deleon said.

Deleon and his family are one of many who get help here. He emphasized how special the volunteers help them feel.

"People are great here and make you feel comfortable here. It helps a lot. It helps out people like that who are hungry and homeless," finished Deleon.

The needy people came in all shapes and sizes Christmas Day. From a six-year-old blonde, blue eyed girl with her grandmother to a 50-year-old African American woman, everyone who came left satisfied and with arms full of Christmas presents.

"I started out by picking up approximately 50 toys today. I imagine, there's about 400 toys that showed up, I don't know where they came from," smiled Gould.

Attendees had the option of worshiping with the church choir and hearing about Jesus Christ. 

"It's just real rewarding, volunteering, it doesn't have to be to a church, just giving back, we all need to be doing this because you just get blessed. It doesn't have to be economically to get blessed," continued Conklin.

It is easy to get involved and the church is always looking for volunteers. This 2013 year, over 47,000 plates were filled. In 2012, helpers saw over 45,000 plates.

"Come by, go through the line and the next thing you'll know, you'll be a part of it," ended Gould.

To get involved, contact Wesley Trinity Daily Bread Director Pamela R. Burke at 325.653.9028 or wesleytrinitydb@outlook.com
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