Sen. Cornyn Visits Children's Advocacy Center

Sen. Cornyn Visits Children's Advocacy Center

Senator John Cornyn was in San Angelo Tuesday helping to deliver presents to the Children's Advocacy Center from the Toys for Tots program. His visit comes just days after he introduced the Justice for Victims of human trafficking act in Washington.
With toy trucks and pink bicycles in hand, Sen. John Cornyn entered the Children's Advocacy Center eager to learn more about the work done here in San Angelo.

The facility, which houses four programs dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect, collects toys for 350 children in the Concho Valley through their Christmas for Kids program with help from the Marines.

"Any time you can make a child smile or any time you can just brighten their little world we try to do that," CAC's Executive Editor Heather Ward said.

Ward says it was an honor to lead Cornyn on a tour of the facility and to have him congratulate the work of the volunteers and staff at the center.

"Really knowing all that he has done with legislation and his background -- how much he really knows about child advocacy centers and protecting children -- it makes it more meaningful that he came down to visit our office," Ward said.

Cornyn's arrival in San Angelo comes just days after introducing a bill in Washington to help fund support programs for victims of human trafficking. One-quarter of all sex trafficking cases that occur in the United States have a Texas connection.

"Particularly with the advent of the internet and social media, we know this is easier to do and harder to detect," Sen. Cornyn said. "So that is one reason why I have always appreciated the great work done by the Children Advocacy Centers and all the other organizations umbrellaed within this organization right here in San Angelo."

Five to seven-percent of all cases at the CAC, Ward says, are child sex trafficking.

Michelle Kingston, KLST News.
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