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Sealy Flats to reopen

Sealy Flats is officially back in business and will be under new management, according to Sealy Flats President Rod Bridgman. Read more here.
Sealy Flats is officially back in business and will be under new management, according to Sealy Flats President Rod Bridgman.

Bridgman and several new owners made the announcement around 8:30 p.m. at the Sealy Flats' New Years Eve celebration. December 31st was the first time Sealy Flats has been open since they unexpectedly closed December 12th.

"I'm so excited. ...They're restauranters, they're involved in the music... we're keeping the music alive and we're keeping the heart and soul of Sealy Flats, which really excited me," exclaimed Bridgman.

Three local families are uniting together in this venture. While the families do prefer to remain anonymous, a spokesperson for the family, Jeska Bailey, was able to speak with us about the change in ownership.

"When we heard that Sealy Flats was going to be closing (we) decided that wasn't acceptable and we needed to keep it open," said Bailey.

For Bailey, Sealy Flats holds a special place in her heart.

"Sealy Flats is where I learned to sing the blues. I had never sung anything until Rod graciously let us rehearse in the restaurant. He would let us come in Monday nights and practice inside the cafe and that's where I learned to sing the blues," smiled Bailey.

Bailey and her band, the Jeska Bailey Band, are one of the two bands slated to help bring in 2014 with cheer.

With the new owners, a couple of changes will soon be seen at Sealy Flats as well.
From concrete floors outside on the patio to classier tables and chairs, the families are hoping to revitalize a familiar experience.

"We're going to do a lot of repurposing. We like having Rod and Denise kind of float around and still be here, but we're going to take some of the existing structure and change it a little bit," continued Bailey.

One of the new changes, which Bridgman is especially excited about, is the curbside service.

"I love it, I love it," Bridgman excitedly said.

The main idea is to provide San Angelo with a late night service and utilize the existing space Sealy Flats already has.

"We're going to be opening on Friday and Saturday night where you can come to a window in front of Sealy Flats and order food and sit out front. It's going to be a late night service, it's really exciting," stated Bailey.

Not only did New Years Eve guests hear the exciting news first, they also had the opportunity to try some of the new food coming to Sealy Flats. Bailey is confident the new menu will spice up the Sealy Flats atmosphere.

"There's a lot of brisket and bacon. My husband's helping with that. He's a chef," replied Bailey.

Sealy Flats will officially reopen in February or March. The month of January will be closed for renovations. To find out when the restaurant will reopen, visit its Facebook page here.
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