River Fest 2014?

River Fest 2014?

City officials will meet Thursday to talk about whether or not to have another River Fest downtown along the Concho River next year.
It began with a Friday night concert and a colorful Saturday morning run with close to 3,000 participants.

"And at one point I was standing at about at this spot, watching waves of people going in all different directions," Parks and Recreation Director Carl White said in front of The Bosque. "It gave me chills just to watch that. I've never seen that many people down here on the river."

Aside from a few splashes of colored cornstarch still left on the road today, White says cleanup from this past weekend's River Fest is complete -- and now it is time to sit down and decide whether or not it should become an annual event.

Overall, White says the festival, which was paid for through sponsors, was a success. But, there are definitely parts of the weekend that he said need improvement if it'll continue next year.

"For instance, like the carnival that we had planned to have canceled on us a couple weeks before the event, so we had to scramble and put together a kids court with a petting zoo and pony rides and inflatables," he said.

The planned cardboard boat regatta also did not end up taking place.

River Fest was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Santa Fe Park, the completion of the Concho River improvements and to showcase what is available along the water.

"So the trails, the Bosque, which has the washer pitching playing area, the chessboard, the bocce ball, the river and the access points to the river, you can ride paddle boats and canoes," Carl White said, listing off the many activities available to visitors.

White says the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will meet Thursday to discuss the possibility of River Fest 2014. He also plans to present the idea to city council next month.
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