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Rebecca Musser's "Claim Red"

Former FLDS spiritual wife Rebecca Musser talks to Carolyn McEnrue about her foundation "Claim Red" and efforts to help victims of human trafficking heal.
Former sister wife Rebecca Musser's foundation "Claim Red" is dedicated to 
helping victims of human trafficking.
  This month while she was in San Angelo -- Musser talked about how testifying in the trials of Warren Jeffs and other FLDS members helped heal some of her emotional wounds.

"The FLDS are nothing short of human trafficking....teaching the skills of healing and dignity beyond the oppression..."

This month Rebecca Musser spoke publicly for the first time in San Angelo at a benefit for the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health about human trafficking -- and her own progression past the shame as a former member of the FLDS.

"Shame is used...I think testifiying helped me go back and face a lot of the things that were really hard to talk about..."

Red is significant for Musser - a color banned in the FLDS by Warren Jeffs -- arrested as a top ten FBI most wanted in a red cadillac near Las Vegas.
 "Claim Red" is the foundation she started to bring healing for victims 
of human trafficking.
"The gift of that has been it gave me a lot of courage to face that for me and to be a voice for others" "There is life beyond shame...."
  When she was here during the raid in 2008 -- she tried to help one of her sisters leave -- but says she wouldn't listen to her.
"I saw my sister on one of the bus lists...and it was hard becasue they see me as satan..as the greatest traitor and that's hard...But at the same time I understand becasue I grew up there.
  It's sad to see them so, oppressed...for me it was like living and dying and living again in the same lifetime".
  She says some members are leaving but the group is still functioning in other states --including Colorado and South Dakota.
  "The world is much more aware becasue of the state of Texas -- no other state has stood up to these people...and I applaud this community because it wasn't an easy decision"
".....I think everyone has the right ot kinow they have human rights and have the right to have those respected."
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