Rebecca Musser talks about growing up in the FLDS

Rebecca Musser talks about growing up in the FLDS

The author of "The Witness Wore Red" talks about growing up in Salt Lake City in the FLDS before escaping and helping Texas investigators.
 Former FLDS spiritual wife Rebecca Musser was the key witness for the state of Texas in the sexual assualt trial of Warren Jeffs.
"The Witness Wore Red" is the title of her new book about her life.
Carolyn McEnrue spoke with Musserr when she was in San Angelo last month.
  On our KLST evening news broadcast -- August 9th 2011 -- Rebecca Musser stood outside the courthouse in San Angelo -- wearing red.
that day -- a Tom Green county jury sentenced FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs to life in prison for sexually assualting a 12-year-old girl.

Musser was the key witness for the state of Texas -- in Jeff's trial follwoing the largest child custody case in U. S. history.

 The reason I was speaking out was not for me -- I was speaking out becasue i know what it was like to be violated int he name of God.

Musser grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah -- living in the basement floor of her family's home -- one of 14 children born to her father's second wife....

"Growing up -- we were my father's secret...he was very secretive about being a ploygymist....even on my birth certificate I have a different last name...on my original birth certificate...some man I don't even know."

At the age of 19 -- despite her unwillingness -- her father gave her hand for marriage -- to the prophet of the FLDS church -- Rulon Jeffs -- who was 85 years old.

"I remember being confused and I felt guilty because I wasn't thrilled to be marrying a prophet....but everyone was happy...

In her book she describes flying between Salt Lake City -- and "Short Creek" on the Arizona/Utah border -- in a private jet -- with her husband "Uncle Rulon" -- and other sister wives -- and her nights "on duty" with him in the bedroom......

"It's something i struggled with while I was married to him....."

When Rulon Jeffs died -- it was his son -- Warren Jeffs' attempts to get Musser to marry him -- that motivated her to leave the FLDS for a new life.

"I think people need to understane this is a multi-generation of with each generation moving away from the outside world....the mental terrorism about the outside world gets more intense with each generation. "there is a very methodical way the oppression happens....brainwashing..."
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