New hotels coming to San Angelo

New hotels coming to San Angelo

San Angelo has one of the highest hotel occupancy rates in west Texas. By this time next year, at least six new hotels will be open and more could be on the way.
Hotel construction is underway on Sherwood, Bryant Boulevard, the Loop and Southwest.

"We haven't seen a new hotel around here in a long time and then they started to pop up, " the City of San Angelo's Building Official Al Torres said. "We've issued six hotel permits here recently, we've got another one on the table we're reviewing so that's going to make seven, and then we've heard rumors about others that could be coming in."

Like this one by the old Kmart.

Once permits are submitted to companies from the city, they take anywhere from six months to a year to build, meaning the six new hotels under construction now, should be complete by the end of 2014 -- making it 33 lodging facilities in San Angelo.

"Competition is always good," the General Manager of the Hampton Inn and President of the San Angelo Lodging Association Mikala Brownfield said. "We're actually for the most part all excited about the new hotels coming in. If there's more hotels coming in that means the city is growing and every time the city is growing it's always good for the industry as well as the entire city."

With rooms occupied by both oil and gas industry workers, tourists and businessmen and women, the President of San Angelo's Chamber of Commerce says more hotels are need here in town.

"This will allow the community an opportunity to attract conferences and meetings and conventions and leisure tourism and sports tourism that we have had to say no to for the last two years," Neighbors said.

The occupancy rate so far for 2013 is at 77-percent -- that is the highest in west Texas. The average daily rate is up almost $30 from last year. Prices are expected to fall with more rooms becoming available.

Michelle Kingston, KLST News.
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