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New Bishop accepts San Angelo position

San Angelo is welcoming a new bishop to the area. At the announcement today, church members had the opportunity to meet Bishop Michael Sis. Read more here.
A new bishop will replace Bishop Pfeifer in January, according to Pope Francis.

The announcement was made that Msgr. Michael Sis will replace Bishop Pfeifer
Thursday, December 12th, at the Diocesan Pastoral Center. Media representatives, some school principals, and Catholics attended the meeting.

Bishop Pfeifer reassured people he is healthy and is resigning because of Cannon law. However, Pfeifer openly welcomed Msgr. Sis.

"We open our hearts to you, our hands, and will give you much love, support, and prayers," stated Pfeifer.

Sis himself also spoke at the meeting, both in Spanish and English, welcoming and encouraging his people to communicate with him.

"We have two of these (referring to ears) and one of this (referring to a mouth)," laughed Sis.

Msgr. Sis will be ordained and installed as a bishop for the Diocese of San Angelo January 27th at 2 p.m.
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