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Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen

With the temperatures...well into the triple digits on Thursday -- San Angelo's Dairy Queen held a "Miracle Treat Day".
Miracle Treat Day
By: Michelle Kingston

She loves to swim, play tag and go to sleepovers -- she also loves mint chocolate chip blizzards from Dairy Queen -- especially when a portion of the sales on Miracle Treat Day go toward the Children's Miracle Network.

This is because while Avery Sickels is just like any other seven year old, she does have one extra battle to fight.

Avery is undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

She has leukemia.

"She and I both from the beginning had the mindset of -- you know what -- we are going to win. No questions."

Amanda says Avery only has a small fraction of leukemia left in her body, but has to continue treatment at Shannon Medical Center, a Children's Miracle Network hospital, for another year.

To celebrate how far she has come, Avery ate not one, but two blizzards with her family at Dairy Queen on Miracle Treat Day -- where around the country and here in San Angelo participating Dairy Queens help support children like Avery by donating one-dollar of every blizzard sale to children's miracle network -- a nonprofit that donates 100-percent of its proceeds to 170 hospitals in the United States and Canada.  The money is used to train doctors and purchase supplies that can keep children at a hospital close to their home.

"Where we can all be a family but she can still get the treatment that she needs."

Children’s Miracle Network's Sam Coyne says the community is the reason for the large amount of local yearly donations -- and its businesses

Dairy queen on Sherwood way has supported children's miracle network for ten years now.

"Once you get involved in it and meet the kids, they steal your heart and that is why I do it every year."

Baxter says supporting the children's miracle network is addicting and he will continue to host miracle treat day for years to come.

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