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Local Target: hack's impact not seen yet

Many may be surprised by the packed Target after last week's hack. However, shoppers are still rushing to return unwanted or unneeded gifts and others are already preparing for next year's holiday season. Read the full story here.
While shoppers are rushing to return unwanted or unneeded gifts, others are already preparing for next year's holiday season.

"Today we've seen some returns, but, more so than that, we saw tons of people lined up for clearance. We've got about 50% markdowns in apparel markdowns, toy markdowns....people are lining up with shopping carts to get those," stated Target store leader, Susan Westfall.

News of the hack has not seemed to affect customers' loyalties.

"It was about 30/35 people lined up at 7 a.m. when we opened," smiled Westfall.

Shopper John Roders' son was one of the victims of the hack. According to his father, over $4,500 were stolen from his checking account.

"My son was one of the ones who got hacked. Yes, it's hard thing. He lost a lot of money, but he'll get it back," said Roders.

Yet, nearly a week after the theft, they are shopping merrily for Christmas decorations.

"My wife drug me down here and my daughter-in-law drug me down here. I'm the chauffeur. I hope they are (saving me money) because I spent all my money before Christmas," laughed Roders.

When asked if they were concerned something might happen to their private information, the answer was simple.

"We trust Target. It's a great store," Roders declared.

His statement some may find surprising. Yet, the swarms of people in and outside of Target seemed to accent his words. From the shoppers to guests returning gifts, many were pleased with the Target experience.

"It was really easy and everyone was really nice. This is my first time returning here. Usually I buy what we need and I don't have to return," explained shopper Jennifer Rucker.

While hashtags such as #targethack are commonplace and Target's feed is littered with helpful tips on how to safeguard your REDcard, here in San Angelo it was hard to find someone disappointed with the local Target.

"We have seen more people than last year...feels busier than last year," finished Susan Westfall.
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