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Local School Safety

San Angelo I-S-D students start school on Monday, the 26th. At all secondary schools, San Angelo Police Department officers will be on campus. This month, school staffers are learning what to do in case of a shooting emergency.
Newtown, Connecticut -- a small community, smaller than San Angelo, and it happened there.

One shooter. One school. Twenty-eight dead.

Is it possible that it could happen here?

"I believe it could," Police Lieutenant Mike Hernandez said. "And that is why we should be prepared."

Hernandez says we have to be ready for the possibility of a shooter entering our schools just like the shooter who entered Sandy Hook Elementary last December.

"If we sit back and ignore it, then that's when I feel like we failed," Hernandez said.

Hernandez prepares schools by holding active shooter seminars that show teachers how to protect their students. He held one earlier this month educating front desk staff on how to stay alert and be ready.

S.A.I.S.D.'s superintendent said the Newtown shooting gave them a chance to reevaluate their safety procedures and debate the hot topic many school districts are contemplating.

"Our method for keeping our children safe is to not arm our teachers," Bonds said. "In no way are we saying other people shouldn't do that. We do not feel the need since we are within minutes of being able to have our police on our campuses if the need be."

Bonds says there will be increased police presence at all campuses this year. Officers will continue to be at secondary schools daily and patrol officers will check in at each school during their routes year round.

Michelle Kingston, KLST News.

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