It's a Touchdown: One Lakeview Family Manages Busy Schedules During Football Season

It's a Touchdown: One Lakeview Family Manages Busy Schedules During Football Season

One San Angelo family has both a varsity cheerleader and a football player under one roof -- Michelle Kingston spent a day with them, learning what it takes to juggle multiple busy schedules -- especially at game time.
Meet the House family.

Katelan -- a freshman varsity cheerleader.

Katelan's brother Taylor -- a junior, who plays varsity football.

And their parents -- Jeramy and Erin.

Together, they make up one of Lakeview's most school-spirited families.

Just like many families, school comes first to the House's. Both students are on the honor roll. Katelan's favorite class is Debate.

"I like to argue," she said.

I asked her why and she said it was because she likes to be right. She joked she is right all the time.

She bickers with Taylor every once in a while like siblings do, but admits that she does look up to him.

"That means a lot to me that she looks up to me and that I can lead her down a good path," Taylor said.

And Taylor? He calls his father his best friend.

"He's everything," he said. "He pushes me the hardest. He gives me the advice I need at all times. He's always there -- no matter what. It's kinda nice to have him. He's more than a rock, he's a boulder."

Both kids say they couldn't handle the schedules they have, if it weren't for Erin.

"She helps me with my hair," Katelan said. "I would not be able to do it without her."

"She's always looking out for me," Taylor said. "Even if I am picking out my outfit. If ain't matching, she'll let me know."

Every day is hectic -- but pep rally week is one of the busiest at the "House's house." Katelan's decorating floats, and prepping for the game. Taylor's practicing, as well as holding down a job.

They're passionate about what they do, they love it and they took it from there," Katelan and Taylor's dad, Jeramy, said.

Come Friday, football is all that's on their minds.

"Game time," Taylor said. "Focus on the game. I drown out everything, all I hear is my head and the coach  that's looking at me, telling me what to do."

Jeramy says he can't even begin to say how proud he is of his children.

"It's, it's insane. Watching them grow and watching them become the young adults that they are, is, is awesome," he said.

Both Katelan and Taylor want to continue their sports at University of Texas. They want to be Longhorns.

And you can bet their parents will be there for the tumbles and the touchdowns.

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