Icy Road Conditions Expected

Icy Road Conditions Expected

Another winter storm is upon us tonight. TxDOT has pretreated some of the roads, but cannot get to them all. Officials say to take it easy throughout the weekend. Michelle Kingston reports.
Residents are told during every storm to stay off bridges and overpasses -- especially the Loop -- in San Angelo.

"Staying off the Loop is a good idea," Sgt. Korby Kennedy of the San Angelo Police Department said. "You know, I can't close it, but I can sure put the warning out there that it's a dangerous situation out there."

Kennedy says closing the Loop is a decision that only the Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Transportation and the County Judge can make.

"The problem with closing it is that the Loop is really US 67 going through town and interstate traffic so closing it is a pretty serious decision that we don't take lightly, so it would be a pretty serious condition before we'd actually close the Loop," Tracy Cain of TxDOT said.

With freezing rain and sleet expected throughout the Concho Valley, it's important to sow down and give yourself enough time to make it to your destination. Kennedy says San Angelo averages more than a half dozen car accidents a day -- that number doubles during storms.

"The best way to get yourself out of a slide is to just take yourself, take your foot off the accelater, turn a little bit into the direction of your slide and hopefully you'll get out of it safely," Kennedy said.

Michelle Kingston, KLST News.
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