Good Neighbor Day In San Angelo

Good Neighbor Day In San Angelo

The San Angelo Tradition Continues This Morning at Shirley Floral.
Good Neighbor Day
By: Jeremy Linder, KLST News

"We do it to make our community happy. There’s nothing else beyond that.  You know it's kind of paying it forward."

It’s not Valentines Day or Mother’s Day, but roses we're on the do to list for hundreds of people in san angel.

September 17, 2013 was Good Neighbor Day at Shirley Floral with 500 dozen roses up for grabs.  That’s 6-thousand flowers for free.

"My biggest joy is just seeing all the faces all the smiles, everybody is happy in the morning," says Sara Meadows, Manager at Shirley Floral.

The idea is simple get a free dozen roses, keep one for yourself and then pass the rest along saying happy good neighbor day.

"A lot, friends, meet new people just right off the streets.  As soon as I get out the door I’ll hand them to the prettiest girls I can find," says Frank Scalise, who plans to pass out his flowers.

Men, women, families; everyone showed up to pass out a little cheer. Including Jennifer baker who says she already has 11 neighbors in mind.

"We’ve actually done it for many many years and we just love being able to give roses to our neighbors.  We’ve got a plan of how we're going to walk.  But we're not going to wake them up we're just going to put them on their doors."

So if you found a rose on your doorstep, now you know were it came from.

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