Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week

This week San Angelo third, fourth and fifth graders are learning about fire prevention from local area firefighters and "Sparky the Dog."
It's a scary sound -- one we hope to never hear in our homes.

But local area firefighters are taking time this week to make sure all students know what to do in case they are caught near a fire.

"Once that alarm goes off, I want you guys to get down and stay down low and get out the fastest way you can," City Fire Inspector Brent Donoho said.

Students learned to stop, drop and roll, with help from Sparky, the firefighting dog from Goodfellow Air Force Base, and how to get out safely.

"Have an escape plan," Donoho said. "Have a strategy, and go over your escape plan at least once a month. A lot of individuals think, well you know it's my own home and I know how to, you know, I know my home like the back of my hand..."

If they're unable to get out, Donoho says it's important they know what a fireman looks like when they enter their home to help them to safety.

"We want to make sure they know what he looks like, what he sounds like, not to be afraid of him and always tell them they have a job to do, their job is to go to him not run away from him," Donoho said.

Donoho says there is one important question all students should ask their parents during fire prevention week:

"Do we have smoke detectors?" Donoho asked. "If we do, do we have them in the bedroom and right outside of the bedroom?  And if we do have smoke detectors, make sure they work."

Before heading home, students toured the fire trucks and cooled off with a splash.

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