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West Texas Rehab: Helping Others One Step At A Time

With 3 locations serving over 500 patients a day the West Texas Rehab Center gives rehabilitation to all patients regardless of ability to pay.
Having a physical handicap, whether from birth or injury, is difficult on anyone. Physical therapy can be costly that some may not be able to afford. At the West Texas Rehab Center, their focus is getting everyone back to full mobility regardless of ability to pay.

"Seeing a little child come in with braces or needing help with their walking, it solidifies in my heart why I'm here and we're here to help others we're here to raise money and to work with our supporters and donors to make sure that we can take care of those people who otherwise would not get the services they need to help make their lives better," Donor Relations Director Mark Clark said.

West Texas Rehab serves over 500 patients a day from 3 locations in San Angelo, Abilene, and Ozona. The center requires over 20 million dollars a year to operate, but with the help of fundraisers and donors the center continues to provide rehab therapy to patients, even to those who don't expect to become patients themselves.

"I've been a donor for several years I just really believe in the work that they do here. I was surprised that I would eventually be here. I felt like they really cared as far as my outcome and who cared about me personally," Optometrist Dr. Greg Jefferies said.

Jefferies, although surprised he would one day become a patient himself, says despite already believing in the mission of West Texas Rehab upon completing treatment he is that much more inspired to continue to support the center and encourages his employees as well.

"Our moniker at West Texas Rehab is 'Great things happen here everyday,' and it so true and it's all because of the therapists and our donors and supporters," Clark said.
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