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Two Local Non-Profits Engage Kids in Financial Management

The Boy and Girl Scouts of America instill leadership skills and financial literacy in kids to better themselves.
Two local non-profit agencies are inspiring young people to make good moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling certain values. Both the Boy and Girl Scouts of America help train young men and women by teaching them the value of a dollar and earning rewards through hard work. Members of the Boy Scouts organization say the boys learn skills used well into adulthood.

"We promote to those young people that they earn their way that mom and dad don't have to pay for everything all the time. So they go they earn the funds that goes into the pack or troop treasurey which then pays for the program for the year," Scout Executive Rick Reeve said.

Money management is a vital skill that both Boy and Girl Scouts learn through fundraising. By engaging in social activity through the sales of popcorn and cookies the scouts learn customer service and financial literacy along with giving back to the community while building courage, confidence and character.

"It's not only that we're providing a service for the girls our girls are also providing a service for the community so a lot of the stuff that their learning to do their also learning to give back a large part of or mission is helping not only us to build girls who can become leaders in their own communities but also to take that and expand upon it. and bring it on out to other people," Girl Scouts Volunteer Services Coordinator Stacy McGuire said.

Through fundraising the Boy and Girl Scouts learn to set goals while developing people skills and business ethics. With the help of volunteers and donors the boys and girls pave their way to financial literacy by engaging their community.
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