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The Road to Recovery

As area non profit organizations give back to the community one local man recovered from drug addiction with help from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of the Concho Valley and the United Way.
"During the course of my 35 year active addiction to heroine I lost every single thing that a human being can loose except for my life.
It seemed like every single time I hit bottom I would just dig a little deeper a spoonful at a time," James Goode ADACCV Clinical Director of Operations said.

After receiving a treatment option from a judge, James Goode thought he was taking the easy way out. Today Goode is sober and the Clinical Director of Operations for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council. Goode takes pride in helping others make the steps to recovery.

"We get to see that everyday that's the blessing of what we do we get to see success stories every single day. And that's what keeps you coming back. Everyone who comes through treatment obviously does not recover, but everybody that comes through treatment can recover," Goode said.

The United Way helps fund hundreds of non profit organizations across the Concho Valley. Each year the United Way through charitable donations from the community strives to provide the same amount of funds to non profits so the organizations can continue their work giving back to the community.

"It's not the people who give a thousand or more dollars per year who make the big difference in our campaign it's the people who give one hour's worth of wages per month to United Way that really drives our campaign here within the city," Anthony Wilson, Public Information Officer for the City of San Angelo and United Way Board Member said.

Anthony Wilson, working for the City of San Angelo, began his charitable work through his work place. Beginning with contributions through his payroll Wilson saw the need to give back to the community.

"As I learned more about the organization and as I learned more about the agencies it helped and what those agencies do and the wide range of social issues they work on and the number of people who's lives they touch I did I felt compelled to give more money to the United Way," Wilson said.

Now on the board of directors Wilson raises awareness by organizing campaigns for the city and James Goode, with the help from United Way and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of the Concho Valley, life as he knew changed forever.

"And I credit the alcohol and drug abuse council and United Way specifically for those changes because when I got to treatment at Williams House in 1996 I had exactly nine cents in pocket so everything I have in my life today is a direct result of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council and the United Way," Goode said.

If you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem help STOP the cycle and contact the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council today by calling 325-224-3481 or go by their office at 3553 Houston Harte.
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