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The Future of Softball Being Groomed at the Annual Lady Cat Camp

Over 40 girls active in this summer's annual camp.
By: Marcus Officer

The Concho Valley's future softball stars are busy being groomed this week at the annual Lady Cat Softball Camp.

Over 40 up and coming area softball players were out in the Texas heat doing all they could to become the next great softball legends.

This years group of lady cat softball campers were certainly full of pride and determination as they ignored the summer heat to better learn their craft, a sacrifice that has already paid off for 11 year old Hannah Gomez.

"So far the best thing I've learned is breaking the glass because the coaches say it helps improving and it helps you get the ball to go farther and that is one of the main things that i want to learn is how to make the ball go farther," Gomez said.

14 year old Dakota Myers also learned a few valuable lessons as well.

"I thought that I was honestly a pro at hitting because I've hit two over the fence but coach Humphrey has helped me a lot on popping with my legs and using a lot of power with my hips and that has helped me a lot more because I am more powerful," Myers said.

With the amount of work these girls are putting in, the payoffs should be great. Head Central Softball Coach Megan Humphrey said these girls are putting in a lot of hours.

"We have four different sessions, all of which are two hours and then the pitching session is one hour. so we start at eight in the morning and we aren't done until six at night."

Although most of these prodigies aren't even old enough to drive,they did enter this camp driven to become better.

"I think that learning new skills will help me improve because I don't want to have the same habits," Gomez said, "I want to try to get out of those habits and try to get new ones and try to become a better softball player."

And for what these diamonds of the diamonds lack in size they make up for it effort and dreams, especially Hannah Gomez.

"From a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 10 of how excited I am and I hope one day that I can be the catcher for the Central Lady Cats."
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