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Tax volunteer offers free tax filing

While some might dread April 15th, Mario Vasquez is like a child at Christmas. Read more here.
While some might dread April 15th, Mario Vasquez is like a child at Christmas.

"I love numbers. I love to play with numbers and getting involved with the system is just another structure that I get to cross," stated Vasquez.

Vasquez said he has been helping others with their taxes for decades. His love affair with taxes started at a young age.

"I've been doing taxes since I was 14-years-old. I started with a program with my aunt, then for relatives, and recently-as of seven years ago- I went back into doing it for the community for free," continued Vasquez.

The Concho Valley Action Agency began offering the free tax assistance 5-years-ago. Vasquez and fellow volunteers have helped almost 500 people this year.

"I'm an entrepreneur. So, people consider that small businesses and to have a free service is very helpful," Vasquez said.

Both the volunteers and those needing tax assistance are pleased with the program.

"It's a blessing to us to feel that we're helping somebody, to help them get on their feet and...you know, we're volunteering so there is no pay for us. It's just out of our heart," explained Vasquez.

While helping others is good for the soul, Vasquez said the monetary savings taxpayers receive is not so bad either.

"It can be in the millions…over what I have done myself," finished Vasquez.

The Internal Revenue Service did monitor the tax service a few weeks ago and Vasquez said they passed with flying colors.

While the volunteers will not turn anyone away, the program is for the elderly or those who make under $40,000 a year. Appointments are encouraged. Call 325.653.2411 for more information or stop by the basement of the Cactus Hotel and ask about the tax service. Volunteers will continue helping taxpayers until April 15th.
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