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Spring Breakers vacation in San Angelo

Every kid knows what time of year it is. Read or watch the story here.
Every kid knows what time of year it is.

"It's Spring Break," said one child.

For 13-year-old Cole Looper, this Spring Break is a bit different from the usual.

"Usually, we help my Dad work cows or something…Well, we've come over here to Texas and we're playing on the lake," exclaimed Cole.

While other San Angeloans may think the water too cold, Cole and his siblings, Saige and Rio, think it just right.

"Cause it's just fun to be in the water. We don't have a lot of big lakes in Arizona," explained Cole.

Saige Looper, 9, sees the water a bit differently from her older brothers.

"It's really pretty and we have a lot of fun when we're on the water," said Saige.

While Lake Nasworthy is two feet lower than usual, the Looper kids do not mind.

"It's pretty awesome," finished Cole.

So, no matter where you are...whether you are at a desk working or tubing on the lake, you can be on Spring Break. It's all in your mind
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