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San Angelo hosts first W TX summit

The Texas Hunger Initiative hosts its first conference in San Angelo.
At the Texas Hunger Initiative summit, attendees were writing, clapping, and nodding as they listened to speakers say how they would end hunger in Texas. Mark Jacobs traveled from Dallas to attend the summit.

"I wanted to come and learn about all the great things they're doing and learn from the great speakers that are here at this summit," stated Jacobs.

Jacobs was not the only one who traveled hours to San Angelo. State Texas Hunger Initiative Director Jeremy Everett said attendees are from all parts of West Texas.

"They have really brought in a diverse group of community residents to address the needs. They have school districts represented, county government, educators, and San Angelo university students," Everett said.

Everett said the group's goal is for everyone in Texas to be able to afford food.

"By addressing hunger and poverty as a local issue - a state issue - and a federal issue at the same time… we know we might be able to move people from financial poverty to financial independence," explained Everett.

He hopes attendees better understand the impact hunger has on the community.

"We want attendees to walk away knowing why hunger is in the community and how to address it," finished Everett.

Director Everett said this year's conference was an absolute success and he hopes to make it an annual event.
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