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Property Management Workshop

As numbers of evictions increase from rental properties the number of code violations by landlords goes up. The Property Management Workshop is designed to help eliminate some of issues associated with rental properties.
Tom Green County Constable for Precinct Four says the number of evictions from rental properties is increasing. As the oil boom has brought more traffic and elevated the number of residents in the area, temporary housing is difficult to find. Now landlords and tenants are seeing more problems than before.

"We've had cases where landlords have shut off utelities wrongfully and that's against the law and tenants are not aware of this. Their also not aware of their rights under the property code whether they live in an apartment, a house or even a manufactured home, West Texas Legal Aide Staff Attorney Jennafer Tallant said.

With the  number of code violations increasing, by either landlords or tenants, several San Angelo area organizations that deal with housing and legal issues are hosting the Property Management Rules & Tenant Rights Update at Stephens Central Library.

"This meeting is designed to eduacate landlords on the rules they must follow when eviciting tenants and dealing with tenants and also to advise tenants their rights and dealing with landlords," Tom Green County Constable for Precinct 4 Randy Harris said.

The organizations goal is by educating both landlords and tenants the number of code violations will decrease and civil and criminal action can be avoided. The Property Management Rules and Tenant Rights Update will take place at Stephens Central Library downtown on Saturday, March 29 beginning at noon. The event is free to attend and all landlords and tenants are encouraged to attend.

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