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Organization: thousands walk everywhere

Thousands of San Angeloans walk a half-mile or mile to reach a grocery store. One organization is trying to help those people.
Kim Hanson walks everywhere, even to the grocery store.

"Awful long walk," laughed Hanson.

Hanson is one of many San Angeloans who does not own a car and cannot afford public transportation.

"Sometimes it can be a pain. …if we get a lot of groceries. Then, we walk home with all of it. Through a vacant lot. It's tough. It makes it hard," stated Hanson.

Angelo State University Professor, Ken Stewart, studies lower-income resident who have to walk a half-mile or mile to reach a grocery store. The term used to describe where those residents is 'food desert'.

"There are about 13,000 people that live in that situation," explained Hanson.

Hanson and her husband make too much to qualify for food stamps. Yet, they do not make enough to afford public transportation.

Professor Stewart said one organization is trying to raise awareness and help these people.

"Well, the Texas Hunger Initiative-you know- is one of the few organizations that I know of that is interested in- you know- moving beyond just the very worthy activity of  providing charity to people for food. But, also trying to understand the reasons why certain parts of the population have trouble making access to food," stated Stewart.

So, maybe next time you see someone walking down the street you'll think twice before driving away.
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