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One Of The Lowest Unemployment Rates For The Concho Valley

Thanks to oil production, the unemployment rates in West Texas cities are some of the lowest in the country which includes San Angelo.

The Concho Valley is quickly becoming a good place to find a job. Based on the Bureau of Labor statistics from April of this year San Angelo is at a 3.5 which is significantly lower than our state employment rate at 5.2 percent.

"It's the lowest it's ever been in several years."

San Angelo is ranked number 30 for lowest unemployment rate in the US.

Director of Concho Valley Workforce Development Board, Mike Buck believes that the oil and gas industry has made a big impact.

"We are kinda following on the foot steps of Odessa and Midland and Abilene is in the same boat we are in, which is we are beginning to see oil and gas coming. Especially a lot of support services migrate over over here because we are outside the very expensive living area."

According to the Bureau of Labor, Odessa has the 10th lowest unemployment and Midland's unemployment is at 2.9 percent which is the lowest in the country.

San Angelo Chamber of Commerce President, Phil Neighbors agrees with Buck somewhat.

"A lot of the new businesses are energy related but they create opportunities for other businesses so you have more retail and service businesses that are coming."

With more jobs and oil workers coming to town this will only bring more opportunities to San Angelo keeping our unemployment rate down.

Neighbors say, "Right now with 10 to 12 lodging facilities coming into san angelo that provides management jobs, night clerks, office managers and a lot of help at the lodging facilities."

San Angelo's unemployment rate was a 4.6 just last April. Now that we are 3.5 people can expect to see more jobs opening.

Kaitlin Moore Reorts.

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