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KLST Thurs. 01/23/14 Noon Weather

Afternoon weather forecast for Thursday, January 23, 2014.

Temperatures are about as high as they will be for the rest of today, watch for cooler conditions as we gradually fall throughout the day thanks to the cold front that passed overnight. This also brought the gusty winds and will taper off tonight switch eventually back to the southwest by tomorrow. But what everyone is wonder is our chances for snow. Well there are not as good as some will hope. 20% chance for freezing and sleet to start off the day around noon turning to possible snow by the evening hours. Accumulations will be light with the most seen in our southeastern counties. By Friday afternoon temperatures will warm up above freezing so anything that wo do get will melt. Mostly what we're seeing is being called a nuisance. By the weekend look for warmer temps into the upper 60's and breaking 70's for Sunday. That's where our next front passes dropping temps again to the low 50's and 40's through Wednesday.

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