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Credit Card Scamming

With credit and debit card scams on the rise one local resident found himself a victim with over seven hundred dollars worth of charges on his account.
Credit and debit card scams are on the rise. The latest scam allows charges to go unnoticed by victims. Hackers obtain account information and make small purchases, that when not monitored by account owners, those extra dollars go unnoticed when compared to large unauthorized purchases.

KIXY FM Program Director, David Carr, knew he fell victim to credit card fraud when he realized his account had over seven hundred dollars in charges and many of those purchases were made online.

"And so I logged on and got into my account and all of a sudden there's $729 worth of charges and the interesting thing about it was they were little charges I think the largest on there was like twenty nine bucks and they were nine dollars ten dollars tweleve dollars thirteen dollars and to all these different locations a lot of websites," Carr said.

The Better Business Bureau tells us that monitoring your accounts closely is extremely important. As Hackers are getting better at accessing accounts credit and debit card fraud is something we will begin to see a lot more of.

"If you don't check your account very often and it gets hacked they could hit it several times once they have it and it's active and they know it's a good account they'll keep going back to it until you do change it and you could loose quite a bit of money," Better Business Bureau President Glenna Friedrich said.

David Carr says while he must report the fraud to the credit bureau he's thankful his credit card company helped him handle the situation with ease.

"I was really in shock I mean $729 is not a lot of money, but it's a lot to me. They have removed the charges which is great I'm very fortunate they suspended the account. I just never expected...you know it's one of those things you never expect it's gonna happen to you," Carr said.

The Better Business Bureau advises if you believe your accounts are compromised, to call your credit card company and request a new account number immediately.
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