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A Chance for Saving Her

Walking across America, Chance Stephens and Jacob Leonard, are spreading awareness and raising funds for Tiny Hands International. An organization dedicated to rescuing women involved in sexual slavery.
After serving in the United States Air Force, Chance Stephens, felt he needed to have a purpose. With the help of friends and family Stephens, is spreading awareness for Tiny Hands International, an organization that prevents an average of 130 women a month from going into sexual slavery.

"I actually prayed about it the night before I said, 'God use my hands,' because I felt like I was going to a waste. And the very next day I ran into the group Tiny Hands International and I didn't think about walking across America until a few days prior to that when I was walking to a coffee shop and thought if I could walk across you know a city then I could walk across America," A Chance For, Chance Stephens said.

Coining the phrase "A Chance For Saving Her," Stephens hopes to raise $160,000 for the organization to help rescue the unknown girls involved in human traficking Stephens began his lone journey in September from California. Upon reaching Texas Stephens met Jacob Leonard, who was so moved by Stephens mission he decided to join him on his walk.

"I started thinking about his reason for walking and just his story and it just hit me hard. I was like you know, I need to be doing something with my life I'm just sitting at home doing absolutley nothing and I found that it was a great opportunity for me to not only do something, but do something and spread the word of God and spread the word for Tiny Hands," A Chance For, Jacob Leonard said.

To make a contribution to Tiny Hands International visit www.AChanceFor.com or you can keep track of Chance and Jacob's journey across America by searching #WALKAMERICA or follow @achancefor on Twitter and Instagram.
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