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4th Annual I Do Renew Drive Thru

Foster Communications KIXY FM celebrated Valentines Day with the 4th Annual I Do Renew Drive Thru as over 50 couples renewed their wedding vows.
Love is in the air at Foster Communications as the 4th Annual "I Do Renew Drive Thru" attracted many couples for the opportunity to get married or renew wedding vows. Alfred and Rosemary Mendoza married on Valentine's Day and celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary with KIXY.

"We wanted to renew our vows. We figured this would be the perfect...the perfect thing for us. Nobody knew we were going to do this. We didn't know we were going to do this. We just had a tough ten years, but we made it and we're hoping for ten more years," Rosemary Mendoza said.

The drive-thru vow renewal has proved to be a hit among love birds with long lines forming in previous years. Those in attendance get to enjoy a fun activity for Valentine's Day by celebrating their big days.

"You know they just pull in. There's no cost do it and they can renew their wedding vows we've even had people get married, legally married here if they have you know bring in their marriage certificate and it's within the time frame that they can do it. We've actually married some people over the years too legally binding it's kind of a neat thing," KIXY FM midday personality Andy Allen said.

Everyone that goes through has the chance to win prizes while some couples find a bit of humor in the event. Cecil and Charlotte Caldrea say their nerves were a lot more calm and relaxed then on their original wedding day.

"When I told her about it, she thought it was funny so she said, 'Oh let's go do that', I said 'Alright'. We're going to be married two years in July," Cecil Caldera said.

Celebrating love and lasting marriages Foster Communications KIXY FM renewed the wedding vows of over fifty couples this Valentine's Day.

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