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Bell Ringer Volunteers To Give Back

The ice storm earlier this month put the Salvation Army about $10,000 behind where they normally are at this time with their red kettle collections. One volunteer doesn't let that statistic get to him -- he rings two-days a week to give back to the organization that helped him.
One man behind the bell rings not for pay, but for thanks to Salvation Army, an organization that gave him a hand when he needed it most.

"This is just my way of returning in a small part to what they did for me and I'm very grateful for that," recovering alcoholic Larry Bishop said, who lived on the streets of San Angelo for more than a decade. "Being out on the streets and what I've gone through in the last four and a half years made me look at life a lot differently."

It was a young couple who stopped to pray for him one cold night that made him turn to the Salvation Army for help.

"I had no place to go and pulled up in here in front of the Salvation Army because I didn't know what else to do," Bishop said.

On December 31, he'll celebrate his one-year sober, knowing he spent the holiday season ringing for those struggling like he once did, hoping to help even just one person who may be in a difficult situation, ringing in both the sunshine and in icy cold temperatures.

"If the people are going to be out there donating, I figure we can be out there, too," Bishop said.

And with each ring, another moment sober.
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