Area Companies To Learn And Share at Business Expo

Area Companies To Learn And Share at Business Expo

Decoty Coffee and Holiday Cleaners are just two of more than 100 businesses that will be at the expo on Thursday at the McNease Convention Center.
"Do you mind putting on a hairnet?" Bryan Baker, of Decoty Coffee, asked Michelle Kingston.

A hair net? Not at all -- especially if it means I get to tour Decoty Coffee headquarters.

The business started in 1929 -- in the back room of a general store.

Today, it's an international business that imports coffee beans and spices from all over the world

"My favorite, I'm drinking it now, is a Guatemalan Antigua coffee from the Antigua region of Guatemala," Baker said.

Baker is the grandson of the founder.

Always looking for new ways to help the family-owned business, Baker has attended all 22 San Angelo Business Expos.

"Get to meet a lot of great people," he said. "I get to see some old friends, and you know, show people what we do and our capabilities."

Just down the road from Decoty's is one of eight Holiday Cleaners locations -- another business that will be attending Thursday's expo.

"Anything that is going to help us to be a better business, take advantage of it, you know?" Holiday Cleaners General Manager Gus Castro said.

Castro says while the business of dry cleaning is declining nationwide, he is fortunate to have the clientele he has here in west Texas.

"We have the cowboys who like their starch," he said. "And you can't do the starch like the way the cowboys like it now at home, so we are fortunate that we have that."

To stay fresh and grow as a company, Holiday Cleaners just recently purchased a linen press where businesses, like hotels and restaurants, and even families, can get sheets and table cloths cleaned and pressed right on site.

They'll showcase this new machine at the Expo Thursday, alongside more than 100 businesses.
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