Anitra Wilson Feature Story 09-27-13

Anitra Wilson Feature Story 09-27-13

Lake View volleyball senior Anitra Wilson is an all-around student athlete.
"The life of a student athlete can seem daunting at times having to juggle and excel at multiple tasks, but not for Lake View's senior Anitra Wilson, she refuses to succumb to the stresses of her responsibilities.

Anitra Wilson: There's always pressure but you got to decide whether or not you let it get to you.

The outside hitter seems too even-keeled for all her involvements. She's starting on the Maidens volleyball team, taking AP classes, and working on the school's yearbook. Not to mention she sings in her church choir, maintains good grades, and is applying to colleges to become a nurse. The all around young lady has many fans to which she credits.

You've got to have a lot of support and my parents support me fully and coach does too. You know she's always been there she's awesome.

Valarie Reynolds has raised the bar in her first year as head coach of the team and loves having Anitra part of it.

Valarie Reynolds: She is just so mature out there you can just see how smart she is out on the court. She knows her role, and is working her best to make sure everyone's spirits are up whether we're winning or we're down and need to come back. She is working hard every play. 

Sarah Pilla: The team's hard work is paying off. The Maidens are sitting at a 14-10 record as they enter district play Saturday. A far cry from last year when they only won 8 games all season.

Wilson: You want to show your district what you can do. Because in the past year you know everybody looked as us like Lake View you know we're going to go ahead and beat them, but this year we're a force to be reckoned with.

Anitra pays tribute to Coach Reynolds for their success on the court because she upped the standards and believes in the team's ability.

Wilson: She has a lot of knowledge about the game and she just wants you to succeed in the game and that's what she brings to us. 

The final piece of her support system is her grandmother. Although she passed away when Anitra was in first grade, she carries her in her heart everyday.

Wilson: I learned so many things from her and when she died, I took that with me and I just learned to be a better young lady and just to carry myself and just be an all-around good person.

(clapping and cheering) One, two, three, Maidens on three, one, two, three, Maidens.">>
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