Allegations to be Discussed at Council Meeting

Allegations to be Discussed at Council Meeting

For the last seven months Council Member, Charlotte Farmer, has been investigating what she says is a misuse of public funds pertaining to the Tri-City Water Agreement, a joint long-term water supply project between Abilene, Midland, and San Angelo.

Council approved the Tri-City Agreement in March of 2011 with the added stipulation of a $100,000 spending cap on the project.

Discussion of this agreement is now on Tuesday's Council agenda, after Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer brought to light paid invoices totaling $185,000.

"I had no other way to address it. My job is to the people. That's my job."

The contract signed by the three cities did not include the $100,000 cap, nor was council presented with the final draft.

The City Attorney, Lysia Bowling, failed to sign the document.

"You have to ask yourself, are all these errors incompetence, deliberate, or is it just a coincidence," Farmer said.

Current City Manager, Daniel Valenzuela, was not in office when San Angelo entered in to this agreement. The signature of Harold Dominguez, former manager, can be found on the inter-local agreement.

"You wanna make sure the City Attorney has always reviewed the documents before you sign-off on them. One thing for I want to make sure of, is that the City Attorney has signed before I even put a signature on there also," Valenzuela said.

Farmer hopes the questions she says she's been asking for months will be answered during Tuesday's City Council Meeting, "If that doesn't happen, it's going to be a long-term for me."

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