2013 - Weather in Review

2013 - Weather in Review

From snow to ice to rain, and several days of triple digits. San Angelo and the rest of the Concho Valley saw all types of weather this year. Meteorologist Jeremy Linder takes a look at some of the big weather events in 2013.
2013 - Weather in Review
By: Jeremy Linder, KLST News

2013 started just like any other year --- with the holidays behind us few thought they'd be seeing white four days into January.

Snow fell overnight covering the Concho Valley, and canceling school. San Angelo alone saw nearly three inches, leaving some with the hope for more.

Stacy Mercer, who lives in San Angelo said, "The river is going down and you can tell, and you can tell just by looking over there that it’s gone down tremendously.  So I hope that there is some rainfall behind this or something."

Throughout the rest of winter rain became scarce at times, coming back for spring and the start of the severe weather season.  The Concho Valley survived unscathed but an EF1 tornado was spotted outside our region in Brown County.

No one was killed but strong winds tore the roof off blanket high school while a group of people prepared for a banquet.

By the end of August it looked like the Concho Valley would see a below average year for rain. Until September brought the most rain in a single month for 2013.

Flooding concerns canceled two area football games but the majority of the water fell south --- bringing most of the runoff into Central Texas rivers.

October proved to be another good month for rain; this one falling in the right places. By mid month the North Concho River was running and a small amount of water could be seen in the south pool of twin buttes. But the seemingly never ending drought remained a concern for area residents.

"We’ve been blessed with some rain this fall but when we look at underground water tables their still low and still dropping even with the rain." Said Tom Green County Extension Agent Josh Blanek.

In November the Concho Valley saw it's first fatality due to weather conditions.  Two people died along Highway 277 after an arctic cold front brought freezing rain and sleet to the area, right before thanksgiving.

By early December another round of winter weather hit with some places seeing an inch and a half of sleet and ice.  This one canceled classes for several area schools and even the first day of Christmas at Old Fort Concho.

"We can’t open the soda today, because it freezes.  The line freezes before we can even get the soda out of the spigot.  That’s really put a damper."

Since then the Concho Valley has seen some weaker cold fronts.  But as far as Mother Nature is concerned; 2013 is now in the weather books.

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